The Terra Sounds Experience

Terra Sounds School of Music & Arts was founded in 2011 in the heart of Glenview, IL. The school offers a diverse line-up of creative experiences and professional services, including private music, arts, and language lessons for all ages online or at a location of your choice.

At Terra Sounds, we go beyond providing the highest quality of music, arts, and language education. The Terra Sounds Experience inspires students of all levels to realize their full creative potential through self-expression. Our top priority is to maintain instructors of the highest integrity. Beyond an extensive education and teaching experience, we believe that hands-on professional acumen, such as performing on stage, organizing art expositions, or living abroad in the country where the foreign language is spoken is an essential element of being a motivated, patient, professional, fun, and dedicated teacher. These characteristics, along with the right personality, are just as important to us as the instructor’s solid academic knowledge of their discipline.