Arkadiy Yushin - Guitar, Music Theory, Impovisation

Arkadiy Arkan Yushin is a Performing and Recording Artist, Record Producer, Session guitarist working on Studio Projects all over America and Europe. He’s worked with amazing producers like Peter Ostroushko, Adi Yeshaya, Willy Murphy, as well as Grammy Awarded giants like Brad Yost, Alexander Richbourg and Bobby Ross Avila. Arkan has earned working credits with Major Record Labels including Compass Records, Virgin Records and Red House Records as a session musician on four different instruments. The Theater Soundtracks he’s composed and produced were critically acclaimed in the Netherlands, Scotland, England, Italy, Sweden, Macedonia, Poland and the U.S.

“I studied Arrangement and Composition at Berklee College of Music with Grammy awarded Richard Evans, Fusion Guitar with Bruce Bartlett. I studied at McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, MN where I received full scholarship. Aside required music classes, I took Arranging and Orchestration Courses with Adi Yeshaya, Solo Jazz Guitar with Mike Elliot (R.I.P.), Advanced American Fingerstyle with Bobby Stanton and Advanced Musicianship with Anthony Cox. I had private studies with Jazz pianists Peter Schimke (Minneapolis), Adi Yeshaya (Minneapolis), correspondence course with Charlie Banacos (Boston) and Konstantin Goryachy (Belarus), interpreting Harmony and improvisation conceptions onto guitar.

I will build your personalized curriculum specifically for your level and the style of music you are interested in learning. Whether it is American Fingerstyle, Folk/Bluegrass, Rock, Blues, Fusion, Jazz, Classical Guitar, Theory of Improvisation, I will teach you everything I know!


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