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Beginner and advanced-level classes:


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Terra Sounds is making a contribution in the field of language learning with proven techniques and a unique approach. Our eclectic method is a sequence of techniques that could be applied to any material at any level developing all four conventional skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

Since these conversational skills depend closely on the ability to hear and comprehend vocabulary in a foreign language of interest, we work with students on reinforcing reading and comprehension skills for the material introduced and practiced in class. 

One of the greatest advantages we offer is our flexibility and attention to the students’ needs. We are in a position to modify our method in order to redistribute emphasis on any skills based on the students’ objectives. We try to conduct our classes in the target language without using translation (full emersion method), however we incorporate translations into the lesson plan when it is required.

We adapt to our students' learning styles very well. As needs arise, we can incorporate specialty vocabulary and techniques to satisfy any tailor-made program per our students’ request.