Online Video Lessons

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Our program coordinators will be glad to work out a convenient schedule for you. You can also call 847.737.1850 and email us at

Benefits of Online Lessons:

  • maximum convenience & scheduling flexibility in any time zone
  • teachers are able to see, hear, and comment on your musical equipment and setup, which can help make practicing significantly more effective 
  • students are able to work through a variety of online note-reading, music theory, and rhythm exercises under the teacher’s guidance via screen sharing, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of lessons and helps create a well-rounded learning experience

Joining a Virtual Classroom:

Once your lesson has been scheduled, simply click on your instructor's name below. The first time you do this, a download of the installer for Zoom will be triggered - please go ahead and install the app. After this, clicking on the instructor's name again will launch Zoom and take you straight to their virtual classroom!


Virtual Classrooms

Andrew Green - Drums, Percussion

Casey McCanna - Piano

Emily Shankman - Voice, Violin

Eric Kummer - Drums, Percussion

Galina Kostukovsky - Piano

Gregory Levinson - Audio Production

Jake Victor - Drums, Percussion, Piano

John Cicora - Piano, Guitar, Bass

Josepha Schonwald - Languages

Marina Kovalevskaya - Art

Matthew Brennan - Voice

Matvey Kostukovsky - Clarinet, Piano, Guitar

Natalie Lande - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Piano

Nathanael Canfield - Piano

Rachel Peters - Violin, Viola

Sasha Brusin - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Music Theory, Improvisation

Zhanna Bullock - Violin, Viola


Terra Sounds Virtual Recital Hall



Virtual E-Leaning Administrators

Matvey Kostukovsky

Andrey Ash



Tips for successful online music & art lessons:

  • follow the technical requirements
  • set up your computer and instrument in a quiet space
  • have a notepad, staff paper and pencil ready for taking notes
  • be sure your setup is ready at least 10 minutes prior to the lesson
  • update your device beforehand so that you are not interrupted during the lesson
  • use the best internet connection available 
  • be sure to close other apps/processes that might take up bandwidth (downloads, audio/video streaming, social media, etc)
  • it’s a good idea to share your phone number at the beginning of the session, so that you could regroup in case you get disconnected
  • the same button that allows screen sharing will give you the option for launching a shared whiteboard - very handy for drawing together on the screen!
  • you can use the chat feature to share links
  • you can use the file upload feature to share pre-recorded audio or video
  • do NOT use the "Virtual Background" feature
  • please share your feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions for ways we can improve the experience